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heating system

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Benefits of Radiant Heat


1.  Our Patent 3 sided Aluminum Structure

Brings up the heat which cannot be delivered with the pipe

alone to the surface from the pipe using our patented 3 sided

aluminum structure.


2.  Heat Distributing Aluminum Panel

Takes the heat brought up by the 3 sided aluminum structure to cover the entirety of the upper layer evenly and quickly using our specialized aluminum panel to maximize the heating effects even with small amounts of energy and low temperature.


3.  Smaller Pipe-to-pipe Distance

Quickly and efficiently heats due to the pipe to pipe distance being only 6 in contrast to other products. The amount of water flowing through the pipe is the same as any other, but our product requires significantly less energy making it eco-friendly and efficient.


4.  Excellent Soundproof

Excellent soundproof with our EVA panel base covered in loess.

Heat Conductivity Comparison

Unlike other companies’ products, Innos Hydronic panel can transfer the heat up to the maximum level regardless of the water temperature.

innos  image 03.png

Under the same conditions, the Taikyou product emits the highest amount of heat in the lowest temperature water.

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